Wednesday, January 23, 2013

sugar skull exchange

so, i'm participating in another art exchange. this time, instead of cards, it's sugar skulls! i made mine out of fimo and painted on it a bit, too. i realized when i'm painting on something tiny like that i don't breathe! here's the process...

the eye impressions were made with the end of a paint brush,
the nose was made with a toothpick

tiny petals and flower also made with fimo

used a toothpick and black nail polish to paint the insides of the eyes, nose and mouth

also used a toothpick to dot the paint on

i thought it needed a little something more, so i made a lily leaf to put the face in.

i then glued a pin back on it and she's ready to be mailed off to Louisiana! 
i hope my exchange partner likes her.

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