dogs i walk

female puggle (pug/beagle)

sister puggle rolling in the grass

male american bulldog/boxer 
he's old and sweet and has a million things wrong with him, poor guy

female vizsla
she's a little over 2 and is hyper and playful and a sweetheart

male yorkie
a sweet little guy

male orange tabby
super chill, sweet cat. he'll roll over for belly rubs and not take your arm off. 
he also gives kisses

female pitbull
super sweet, but she's tricky to get on a leash

male pitbull
handsome, sweet boy. his trainer says he has self-esteem issues so 
he freaks out at other dogs

female chihuahua
she fits in my pocket as i found out today when she climbed in to get treats

male chihuahua
he hates walking, especially on grass. i don't think he gets out of his 
apartment much, poor guy

male newfoundland/lab
so soft and gentle

male yellow lab
this one and his brother (below) took me for a drag! they are strong!

brother male yellow lab

same male yellow lab from above with his toy ketchup bottle that he took on a walk with us

male (don't know breed)
sweet guy, just kinda goes with the flow, not real bright

male rat terrier 
on the couch next to me asleep. supposedly a biter, but he seems to love me

female german shepherd/border collie
she's so patient with her brother (above) on walks. he wants to smell everything 
and she just waits

same female german shepherd/border collie wanting belly rubs

australian cattle dog
handsome little guy. he wasn't happy to see me until i showed him the leash, 
then we were best buds

me taking a pic in the reflection of a window in santa ana

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