Thursday, January 24, 2013

bow wow WOW!

i started a new job this week... dog walker! i am working for an actual dog walking/pet sitting company, not just on my own. (yet?) i went and got pet CPR and first aid certified and have been anxious to get started. today i learned, be careful what you wish for, lol.

i started with a 2 hour walk with a sweet, older golden retriever. i got there and let myself in the backyard to discover there was a dog, but no leash. normally, i actually go into the houses, but this one i just went in the side gate, the house was locked. i was in an unfamiliar place and hadn't seen a pet store on my way in. and i figured going to buy a leash would take time out of her walking appointment which i didn't want to do. i called my co-worker who said get down on your knees and reach into the dog door, sometimes there's one there. 2 wet, muddy knees later, still no leash. thankfully my co-worker was down the street and ran an extra leash over to me to use. looks like i need to get some spare leashes.

i went home for a little over an hour and did some freelance graphics work and mapped out the consultations i had set up for the evening. i thought i'd be smart and map them all from each other to the next and take screen shots so as not to use my data plan while i was out.

i got to the first of the three to find out that it wasn't a normal apartment, it was a high-rise apartment with a doorman and a key fob to get up the elevator to the 8th floor. i tried the fob and nothing. tried again, nothing. darn. i went up to the front desk and said my fob wasn't working and i needed to get up to walk some dogs. she looked at me like i clearly didn't belong there and asked, "who are you here to see." shit, i didn't know the owner's name, i was doing a last minute favor for my co-worker. "hold on, i have to call and find out." i told her the name and it turned out i needed the other set of elevators. aha. once inside, i got to meet two of the cutest, tiniest chihuahuas! i spent 15 (potty break) minutes with them and had to get going to meet up with my co-worker for a consultation at the next place.

i got out to my car and pulled up the screen shot map i had saved earlier. i had 14 minutes to get there and it was 17 minutes away. that's ok, i'm a california driver, i can make it! i had to make it because in the email i had received, the boss specifically said "be on time!" i drove like i did when i was in my twenties and got to the street right at 6:00. now to find the apartment number. up the street, down the street, can't find it. i see a guy getting his mail "is this such and such address?" yes "do you know where such and such number is?" it should be that one. "thanks!" nope, not that one. crap. i text my co-worker and tell her i'm out front on blah blah street, but i can't find the number. she says blah blah street? you're supposed to be on yadda yadda street! i text her back, "oh shit! i'm in the wrong place, this is my next appointment." only i didn't text her back, i texted my boss. nice.

so, i jump in the car and head over to the actual place i'm supposed to be, you know the one where i wasn't supposed to be late? i got to the street and couldn't find address numbers anywhere. there were huge apartment complexes and construction going on. i drove around in three circles before i called my co-worker and said, i'm lost, i can't find any numbers anywhere! she kept me on the phone and guided me in. it was now 6:30. my appointment was at 6:00. thankfully, it was a 20-something girl so she was cool about it. i apologized for being late and she apologized for me getting lost. all was good. i met her adorable yorkie and friendly kitty and i was out the door on my way back to the place i had just come from. 

thankfully i mentioned to my co-worker that i could not find the apartment for the place i was headed over to (and had just arrived from) and she said, "oh, you need to call and have them let you in the gate." gah! why hadn't anyone mentioned a gate? 

so, i drove back over (got there on time!) and called the owner to let me in the gate. i met her rambunctious 2 year old vizsla (hadn't heard of that breed, but she's beautiful!) and her 12 year old american bulldog/boxer with hip dysplasia and cancer. i learned how to give him his meds and what to feed him. poor guy. i assured her i would text her lots of pictures while they were away so she knew he was ok and happy.

so, it was a pretty crazy day. i'm sure i'll get the hang of it as it goes and i'm downloading a better map app as i type this. so far though, it's a cool gig. i get to meet animals and the people that love them, i get lots of exercise in beautiful areas, i get to see inside apartments and houses i've driven by and wondered what they must look like inside, i get to take care of animals and assure their parents that i'll take good care of them and they can have fun on their weekends, and i get paid for it! not too shabby. 

however, this weekend i have 15 appointments...


  1. Congratulations on your new gig! You get to hang out with dogs and get paid. Can't beat that.

    1. thanks, Amy! it's fun so far... a bit stressful, but fun :)