Tuesday, August 28, 2012

up-cycled face cleanser bottle

another installment of "what the heck can i do with all these plastic containers?"
today's answer is "make a hanging succulent holder"
  • i started with a facial cleanser bottle.
  • i then cut off the end with a knife and scissors. i wasn't too worried about getting it perfect, as i plan to wrap it with fabric.
  • since i knew i wanted to make a succulent holder out of it, i figured i probably better add some drainage holes. to do this, i stuffed the container with paper towels to hold its shape, then i heated up a nail (while holding it with pliers) and slid it through the plastic making sure not to go through the other side of the container.

  • then i painted it with spray primer meant for plastic...
  • and stuck it on a rake handle to dry.
  • now to make it pretty... i used some spray paint i had left over from my bike project (bike love) and i found some corresponding fabric in my craft drawer. kismet!

  • i folded the fabric under to create a nice edge for the bottom part, sprayed adhesive on the back of the fabric and carefully wrapped it around the container making sure to leave enough to also wrap around the top edge and into the container to hide my less than perfect trim job.

  • next, i wanted to add a little flair to it, so i cut a keurig k-cup into a flower and spray painted that with the primer and then some chrome spray paint also left over from my bike project. 

  • i added a cute little purple button i found in my craft drawer for a pop of color and hot glued a pop tab to the back of the container as a way to hang it.

  • voila! now i have a cute little planter to hang a succulent in :)

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