Wednesday, July 11, 2012

tiny little nightmares, aka: cakes pops

they're tiny and round, how hard could they be? turns out, a lot harder than they look. my mother-in-law got me a cake pop book for my birthday, so this weekend for her birthday, i thought i'd whip some up. in the instructions it said to set aside some time to make them, like an hour. hahahahahaha!! an hour, that's cute.

making the cake part is well, cake walk, hehe. you bake a cake, let it cool, crumble it up, (or as my husband says, bake a cake and then destroy it!) add some frosting as a glue and then roll it up into balls. the next part is the nightmare. you melt the little chocolate (or whatever flavor you're using) disks that you see in line at michaels and it's supposed to be easy-peasy to just dip the pops in and voila. not so. the chocolate was always either too runny or too hard. if it's too runny they coat nicely when you dip them in, but then the drip all down the stick, like so:

if it's too hard, it's difficult to spoon it on evenly and then it dries before you can stick in your accessories, ie: chocolate chip eyes and ears for the monkeys i was making. see, they're kinda lumpy bumpy:

for the ones that did dry too fast, i just glued things on them with chocolate later. still cute, but not a monkey:

all in all it took me about 3 hours (not including the cake baking and cooling time) and i only made 18 of them. the recipe was for 48! in the end, about 3 of them came out really nicely.

when i was all through i told my husband i needed to watch a youtube video next time so i can see the process more clearly. he said, "with the words that were coming out of that kitchen, i didn't think you were ever going to make those again!" what can i say? i'm not a quitter.



  1. Are you melting the chocolate using a double boiler? or are you using the microwave? I could that Ghiradelli chocolate chips or belgium chocolate is easier to use when making some kind of coating. Same goes for doing chocolate dipped berries.

    I think those discs at Micheal's is more for candy making (chocolate pops, bonbons, etc).

    1. i used the microwave. the book i was working out of called for these disks specifically as they don't need to be tempered like "real" chocolate does. there are microwave directions on the bag that i followed. i think what it boils down to is that i'm too impatient! lol. maybe next time i'll try chips and see if it works better. thanks! :)